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9 Pointed Star Potato Stamp

Have you ever made a stamp out of a potato? It's surprisingly easy, and you can make any shape you'd like. Here, we made a 9 pointed star potato stamp to decorate some textured Kraft wrapping paper. You could use a stamp like this to personalize cards, gift bags, a journal, gift wrap, etc.

To make the design, you can trace a stencil, freehand it, or even use a cookie cutter to cut the shape outline before removing the potato from around it.

To make a potato stamp, you'll need:

- A potato

- A felt tip pen/marker or a pencil

- A knife

- Paint (we used acrylic)

- A paint brush (optional)

- Something to stamp on

1. First, cut the potato in half and draw the design you'd like for your stamp with a felt tip pen, marker or pencil.

2. With a sharp knife, cut around this shape, leaving the desired shape raised in the center of the potato.

3. Prepare your paint on a paper plate. If the paint is think, use a brush to spread it onto the potato stamp. If the paint is thin enough, you can dip the potato stamp right into the paint. Then stamp the potato onto the item you're decorating.

Isn't that easy? It's pretty fun to think of all the designs you could make. Custom Ayyam-i-ha gift wrap, anyone?

Have you made a potato stamp before? What other designs would you try? Leave a comment below!


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