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Simple, Sweet Flower & Fairy Crafts

Thank you to a reader for submitting this craft tutorial for us to share! Corinne Sheahan created these cute flower and fairy crafts with her children's class. She wrote:

"We did these two different crafts in our children's class and they are simple and inexpensive to make. We made the Flowers of One Garden craft for our lesson on unity.   We did this to illustrate that all of humanity, though different, are like beautiful flowers of the same garden. The beauty of the garden lies in the fact that the flowers are all different and have different capacities. We explained to the children the idea that if a garden had flowers of the same color, it would not be as exciting as a garden with flowers of different colors, sizes, types, petal shapes etc.  The tutorial includes the list of supplies as well as a printout that children can cut out. An alternative for the flower pot could be a small cup. Enjoy the activity!

We came up with the idea of the truth fairy as a play on the tooth fairy. The fairies and ninjas were made during our children's class for a lesson on truthfulness. We created them so that the children would look at them and be reminded the importance of always telling the truth."

What a great project! You could even share them with neighbors and friends to bring some cheer to their day during this time that many of us are practicing social distancing. Check out the video below for full instructions on how to create these crafts.

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