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Potato Stamped Greeting Cards

Sending someone a homemade card can be a great way to bring a little bit of cheer to their day. These cards are made with a humble potato stamp!

I cut a heart into the halved potato and carefully cut off about 1/4 inch of depth around the heart shape. You could make any shape you like. See a previous post here about making a nine-pointed star potato stamp.

The stamping part of this activity is kid-friendly which is great if you're keeping little ones busy around the house right now. Simply brush some paint onto the stamp (we used tempera paint) and get to work. Here, we covered a sheet of thick white paper with hearts, which were then cut to size to fit into some envelopes we had on hand. Now they're all ready to be sent off to friends to brighten up their time in social isolation!

Now go get stamping! Share your creations on Instagram with @hastenbahaiwomen


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