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A Movable Magnetic Daily Schedule

A lot of us are currently on lockdown, kids out of school, our lives interrupted and out of the usual routine. One thing that can help life feel more normal during this time is a consistent daily schedule. We've been using this movable, customizable DIY daily schedule in our household, and wanted to share it with you! When routine is disrupted, it's especially helpful to keep wake times, sleep times, and meal times consistent. However, it's nice to switch up the stuff in between to get kids excited about new activities and projects and make each day feel a little bit different and special.

For our schedule, activities are written on large tongue depressors which have a magnet glued to the back. Times are written on more tongue depressors, which are broken in half. I also use one tongue depressor with an arrow on it to move around and point to whichever part of the day we are in, so that my three-year-old can follow along. Each day, you can customize and change the schedule based on what's happening that day - everything from art projects, fort-building, school work, TV time, virtual hangouts with friends and family, and service projects. The options are endless - until you run out of tongue depressors!

If you don't have tongue depressors and magnets on hand, you can also get creative with supplies. You could also easily use paper and tape, velcro tabs, index cards, post-it notes, or other supplies to create your own daily family schedule. Share your ideas!


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