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Fresh Flower Garland

With the Twin Holy Days upon us, it can be a perfect time to add a little extra beauty to your home to celebrate these days. One simple way to do this is by creating a fresh floral garland. The version we made here uses roses, but you can use any kind of flower. You could even use colorful autumn leaves if they're in season where you live.


- Roses or other flowers, between 10-20 depending on the size of the garland you're making

- String

- Tape

Start by cutting the flower from the stem, leaving about an inch or two of stem intact. Next, tie the string around the stem of the roses, about 6 inches apart from each other, or whatever you think looks nice depending on the length of the garland you're making. Continue tying the roses onto the string until they're all used up, then hang it with tape.

If fresh flowers aren't available, you could also use artificial silk flowers for a beautiful, long lasting, and reusable garland!

This garland could make a pretty decoration for a Holy Day celebration for your community, or simply for your family during these special days.

Happy Birth of the Báb and Birth of Bahá'u'lláh!


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