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Watercolor & Quote Bookmark Printable

For many, it's back-to-school time. Whether or not you have children who are in school, this time of year, when seasons are changing and vacation is ending, is a good time to reflect on our actions and think about what we're doing to be sure that "the brightness of [our] light can be shed on the whole earth." But wait, is there ever a bad time to do that? :)

This was created with the idea of sharing it with children who are going back to school, to serve as a little reminder inside their textbooks of how important their deeds are. However, these make great gifts for just about anyone. They'd make a perfect back-to-school gift for a children's class or junior youth group, too!

For maximum durability, these bookmarks should be laminated. If no laminator is available, try printing them on a thicker card stock. You could also punch a hole in the top and attach a tassel if you're feeling really creative!


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