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Paper 'Worry Dolls'

These miniature dolls are based on Guatemalan worry dolls -- miniature handmade dolls from Guatemala which children tell their worries to and put under their pillow at night. The idea is that by morning, the dolls have gifted them with the wisdom to handle their worries without fear!

These dolls use simple materials and are easy for little hands to make, which makes them a great classroom activity, party favor, or Ayyám-i-Há craft. The dolls are made of rolled paper wrapped in cloth and tied with yarn. You can add yarn for hair using some glue or tape as well.


- index cards or pieces of sturdy paper cut about 2x5 inches

- yarn or string

- small scraps of fabric

- glue for securing yarn for hair

- a marker or pen


  1. Roll an index card or piece of paper along the short side.

  2. Wrap the card in fabric, leaving some paper exposed at one end.

  3. Tie the fabric and card together with a piece of string or yarn.

  4. Bundle together yarn to make hair and glue to the top of the doll.

  5. Draw a face on the exposed paper.

If you make these, we'd love to see! Send us a photo or tag @hastenbahaiwomen on Facebook or Instagram!


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