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Torn Paper Landscape Collage

This is a beautiful art project that comes together with just torn paper and glue. Because it requires so few materials, this would make a great project for one of the worldwide conferences happening -- you could even make a large collaborative collage with all the participants at the conference!


- Torn paper or paper scraps

- Glue


- begin by tearing sheets of paper lengthwise in a way that creates a jagged line, like mountain peaks.

- continue tearing more lengths of paper in different colors.

- layer your torn paper scraps in any way that pleases you to create an abstract landscape. I used a light blue background to look like the sky.

- add details like clouds, animals, trees made of torn paper... anything you think would enhance your landscape!

- after arranging your layers, glue them down and let it dry!

You could even make cards by creating a mini landscape on the front of a pre-folded card, then give it to a neighbor or a friend.


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