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Recycled 9-pointed-star Garland

This pretty decoration is made from repurposed cardboard toilet paper and paper towel tubes! It adds color and joy to the home as we prepare for Ayyám-i-Há. By following simple step-by-step directions you can turn something ordinary into something beautiful.


  • Paper towel/toilet paper tubes. I used 8.

  • Paint

  • Paint brush

  • Pencil

  • Scissors

  • Flexible tape measure

  • String or yarn

  • Glue or tape


  1. If you're using any paper towel tubes, cut them in half lengthwise first so they're roughly the same length as a toilet paper tube.

  2. Paint the inside and outside of the tubes. I like to do the inside and outside 2 different colors to create contrast.

  3. Once the tubes are dry, trace around the middle with a flexible tape measure and a pencil. You want to create two lines that are about 1 cm apart, going around the middle of the tube.

  4. Measure the circumference of the tube and divide by 9. Then make marks around the tube that distance apart. (Hint: a standard size tube needs the lines to be 1.5 cm apart from each other to make 9 points)

  5. Cut the tube along each line you marked until you meet the middle line.

  6. After you've cut along every line to create your "points" fold them up to fan them out.

  7. Cut each "point" at the tip so that it's actually pointed!

  8. String the stars together using tape or glue and string. You can also punch holes in the stars to pass the string through. I used hot glue at the top of each star and pressed the string into it and that worked great!

Slide through photos for a picture each step of the way:

If you make this, send us a picture! We'd love to see your decoration.

*wall art by Elly Sabet Collins


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